Odin Investment

As per the company’s strategy and objectives following the restructuring of its business, the investments of the company are concentrated in the real estate and financial services sectors.

Egyptians Real Estate Investment Fund:

The company has proudly launched the first real estate investment Fund in Egypt with a size that can reach up to EGP 2.5bn. The fund’s shares are listed on the Egyptian stock exchange and it is considered one of the most prominent and innovative real estate investment vehicles in the country, for more details


Egyptians for Housing & Development:

The company established Egyptians for Housing and Development, which is one of the leading real estate developers and is considered the company’s main investment arm in the real estate development sector, for more details


Emerald for Project Management & Development:

The company has successfully acquired Emerald for Project Management and Development Company in a share swap agreement. This company owns Emerald Nile Residence a hotel apartments tower on a distinctive piece land on the Maadi Nile Corniche with a total built-up area of 100 thousand sqm (currently under construction), for more details

Emerald Real Estate Investment

Indirect investment in Emerald Real Estate Investment which owns Emerald Twin Plaza mall located in the First Settlement- New Cairo with a total construction area of 54000 sqm, generating annual revenues of almost EGP 65 Mn and is currently fully rented, for more details


EDGE for Project Management & Development:

The company owns Emerald Business Centre in smart village, with a total built-up area of 12,000 sqm (currently under construction), for more details



ODIN Capital Group for Investments

With the goal of enhancing fund and portfolio management activities, the company has established ODIN Capital Group for Investments to act as the financial arm for the company, for more details


Asec Environmental Protection (Asenpro):

It is one of the leading companies in the environmental protection sector and is widely recognized for working with cement industry to enhance environmental protection, for more details


The company’s short-term objectives include:

  1. Stimulating the capital market activities, as per the company’s license, through expanding the role of participating in companies’ establishment or capital increase.
  2. Implementing the hotel apartments project on Maadi Nile Corniche, along with completing Emerald Business center in Smart Village, which is expected to steer the company’s growth in the upcoming stage.
  3. Examining several real estate investment opportunities in joint venture with Egyptians for Housing & Development Company and the Egyptians Real Estate Investment Fund.
  4. Promoting for increasing the size of the Egyptians Real Estate Investment Fund in addition to diversifying the fund’s investments across projects to achieve the highest return for shareholders.